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What souvenirs to buy on your visit to Peru

Behind the beautiful colors and designs of Peruvian textiles is an ancient legacy. Even each community has specific drawings to differentiate from each other.

Take a little piece of this story with you and use your blanket to decorate your home.


Alpaca fiber is one of the most sought after in the world and Peru is the perfect place to buy it for being the first producer in the world of this input. It doesn't matter if it's a poncho or a scarf, you can't leave without some alpaca in the suitcase.


Visiting Peru and not trying our flag drink is almost a mortal sin. In addition, it is so versatile in its preparations that it will be the perfect gift to share with your friends back home.


Whether you are in Lima, Cusco, Arequipa or Puno, in all handicraft markets you will find these traditional caps with earmuffs, ideal to keep your life in a cold country as a souvenir.


If you still have no idea what to buy, you will be surprised at the large number of alternatives that you will find at the local artisan's stalls. Altarpieces, murky mates, pecans, bulls of Pucará ... the list is long.


Llamas are fashionable and are a symbol of our Andean culture. Why not take the opportunity to have a fun memory of these nice animals? You'll find keychains, stuffed animals, earrings, sweaters and much more.


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