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The San Pedro Market

The Central Market of Cusco or Mercado de San Pedro was built in 1925 and is the oldest in the city. The construction was directed by Gustav Eiffel, the same one who built the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Originally located in the Plaza de San Francisco, it was transferred to a new building located in the Plaza San Pedro, in front of the temple of the same name, at the south of the Plaza de Armas.

Once inside, you can find all kinds of colors, aromas and flavors. In this market, you can not only get the most varied selection of souvenirs, you can also enjoy a good glass of freshly squeezed natural fruit juice. From the most traditional orange and pineapple juice, to the craziest combinations of mango, orange and celery. Your imagination is the limit!

Also, get lost in the peruvian bakery section. Accompany your new piece of cusqueño bread with one of the many varieties of homemade cheese, made with the best quality cow's milk.

If you're still hungry, go to the bottom of the market, and try a full menu with a traditional soup and main course for only 8 soles!!

Before leaving, go through the flowers section and once you finish contemplating so many colors and aromas, take a bouquet to take on the way.


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